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Futura+ Dobbeltrettet skydedør

Futura+ Double sliding door


Sliding doors are primarily used to access terraces and patios but are essential for French balconies where space is limited. They allow for maximum utilisation of space where required.


The door consists of three parts; two fixed parts one at each end and the middle sliding section. When in the closed position all three units are in line. The middle sashes open outwards then in opposite directions moving in front of the fixed lights at either end. Both sliding parts are equipped with two handles that operate a multi-locking point mushroom bolt mechanism. The door is delivered as three seperate elements, one sliding door and two side lights.

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  • Product information:
  • UD: Double glazed = 1,36 | Triple glazed = 0,79 (Medi g), 0,83 (High g)
  • Glass dimensions: 30 mm (4-22-4) | 44 mm (4-16-4-16-4)
  • Styling bar: 22/22 mm, 53 mm og 116 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 50 x 149 mm / 175 mm
  • Manuals