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Futura+i Kip-dreje vindue

Futura+i Tilt window


Tilt windows are typical for basement windows where passage is not necessarily a demand but still allows for everyday ventilation.


The tilt window is inward opening with a bottom hung function. The function os controlled by an espagnolette mechanism controlled by a single handle on either the side or the top depending on the size of the sash. The tilt function is achieved by turning the handle 90°. The tilt function will normally open to approx. 20 mm free opening depending on the hight of the sash.

  • Product information:
  • Uw: Double: 1,38 W/m²K | Triple: 0,74 W/m²K
  • Glass dimensions: 28 mm (4-16-4) | 48 mm (4-18-4-18-4)
  • Styling bar: 22/22 mm, 53 mm og 116 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 53 x 149 mm / 175 mm
  • Manuals