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NATION IC Udadgående terrassedør

Nation IC Outward opening terrace door


The outward opening terrace door is used in all types of buildings to access a terrace, patio or spacious balcony. It is suitable for rooms with minimal space and is the preferred choice for fire exits with appropriate ironmongery.


The doors are side hung and are locked with a single handle on the inside that operates a multi-locking point hook bolt mechanism to secure it in the closed position. This also has a night vent position. A built-in friction brake holds the sash once opened. This works by returning the handle to the closed position whilst the door is open. Our doors are available with mid-rails, glazing bars, styling bars or panels as required. The single leaf terrace door is available with or without sidelights. Double doors have a French casement floating-mullion.

  • Product information:
  • UD: Double glazed = 1,32 W/m²K | Triple glazed = 0,75 W/m²K (Medi g), 0,79 (High g)
  • Glass dimensions: Double (28 mm): 4-20-4 | Triple (48 mm): 4-18-4-18-4
  • Styling bar: 22/23 mm og 42 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 50 x 122 mm / 149 mm / 175 mm / 210 mm
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